Created in the mid 90s, D&G have continued to push beyond the fashion boundaries, always thinking ahead in terms of design, creating unique
and edgy styles with versatile detailing.
The collection consists of a range of versatile looks from sporty and relaxed, to glamorous and on- trend, all completed with the distinctive D&G branding.
The 70s and 80s is a key influence in D&G’s design process, helping to produce flamboyant and fun collections throughout the seasons.
The D&G symbol is one of the most recognisable trademarks there is and upon looking at their sunglasses collection, it’s easy to see why.
To recognise a brand, something’s got to draw your attention in and catch your eye. That’s where their unique and playful frames come into their own. 
D&G is forward thinking in their designs and set the trends as a pose to following them. D&G have always been one to stand out from the crowd;
they are a very expressive brand that is dedicated to making individual and unique looking sunglasses.

D&G Sunglasses
D&G Sunglasses

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